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anybody know what this old gretsch amp is..any info?/ thanks


anybody know what this old gretsch amp is..any info?/ thanks




Not sure of the model, but it's made by Valco.


me neither..looks the same as my old cowboy amp from the back? same guts..i think thats valco too?


X40678. numbers put it at 54 i think..but no model?? yet


I agree with Jazzboxjunky.

It looks like a Valco made (Most Gretsch amps were). The cab looks a bit like the "suitcase" models made for many companies by Valco, but I am by no means an expert on this stuff. Super cool looking amp though. It's in really nice shape (cosmetically) for it's age too. How does it sound?


BOBBY ITS ON ITS way..shall tell youwhen shes gretsch on the control panel..serial numbers suggest 54.. maybe a 6161? tremelo too cool for school.. 8-)


Keep us posted Voodoovendor! Be careful when you first use it as I got a rather nasty shock (nothing life-threatening, but jolting and unpleasant nonetheless) when I used a 1954 Guild amp that I had bought. It may be a good idea to take it to a tech before you try it out if you don't know the history of work that was done.


Mine is similar to yours but not tweed and is black. My tremelo has just one knob and doesn't give you much control. Seems to be controlling speed and not the amount of tremelo. Like its all on or not.


bobby your right...sounded like an earthing problem..and yours found the quickest way to it..thru you!!eek not nice..saves on the dax thou... mallen its an all or nothing knob..same on my cowboy amp..little bit dissapointing when you think about some of the other amps around at the time. but hey can have everything.. :)


ha..its definately an electromatic says it on the back!!lol.. just zoomed in on the badge..but which model????


Well if its all or nothing knob why didn't they make it a toggle switch like the standby?


I know it's been answered, but it's a 1954 6161 Electromatic. I owned one, and it may well have been my favorite amp ever. Had to sell it, always regretted it. Are you looking, or willing, to sell yours?

Here's a picture of the back of mine. God - just so pretty! Great amp you have there!!


hi...bigalthethird yes it looks the same..mines painted brown on the top..not sure if thats was done at the factory or a previous did a makeover on it? reaaly warm sound and louder than i thought!got no idea of value?


That brown is certainly a makeover, as it was all blond tweed from the factory. Yours is beautiful though, and the grillcloth is in better shape than mine. Let me find a pic of my grillcloth...

In 1969, the previous owner of my old amp spilled a Pabst Blue Ribbon on the top, staining the cloth and the tolex. Kinda awesome, actually.

I sold mine for $1,100, which may or may not be fair market value. I have never seen another one for sale (which is why, if you're willing to sell yours, I'd buy!).

Here's the cloth with the PBR stain:


It's the plain version of the Cowboy. I've rebuilt a bunch of them over the years.

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