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Antennae up for 6150T


Gonna troll for world's cleanest; since some dough came in. Will see if it is worthy of replacing the Gadabout, which has actually turned out to be a decent little practice amp.

Check out someone's write up on it.

I like the part where it says

"This is perfect for moderating the insect-attracting overtones of the distorted tones."**


It boils down to transistors vs. tubes and your ears.


I had a '63 6150T; if you want cleans, this is not the amp for you. Think dirty, swampy Chicago blooze with lotsa natural expressive breakup. The SF Vibro Champ I had years earlier was better for clean. YMMV etc. blah blah.


Well - I am advised to stay away from those then.


Agreed, not a clean amp. Fantastic tone, but pure clean is pretty tough to get.


Well maybe cause it comes outta Chicago... it has that sound. Cause most dudes who hang here know my motto -- "If it ain't kleen, it AIN'T MY SCENE."

So back to a VC... any kinda silver panel will do and we're gonna honk a 10 in there for sure. Done it many times.


I have agree, not much clean headroom on these. I have a 1967 6152 with reverb and tremolo plus a 12" Jensen C12PS speaker. These are inherently bright amps so when you roll off the treble you lose volume and with the volume low you still have bit of distortion at low levels especially when playing chords. By the way, I think the one ion the article has replaced grill cloth. Thanks John


What they say : no cleans in there... awesome trem, though... I should use mine more (and running it through a bigger speaker sounds interesting!)


But it's still an 8 in there... not the suggestion of oval speaker. Maybe get one anyway since I play @ such lo-volume even thru these little 5 watt things


TRULY awesome trem.

They're absolutely cool amps - I've never regretted getting mine. I picked up the matching outboard reverb tank, and that has much to be desired. LOL


I have one. Not clean but gritty amps to me. I have saved all the original cab speaker but currently have it rehoused in and oversize 1x12 cab with Weber speaker. I love how it takes a fuzz.


I have to disagree about 6150t not having a good clean sound. I have a 6150t which was my first amp as a kid. It's been sitting around and I fairly recently started using it ,it has the oval 6 by 10 speaker and sounds great especialy when it gets warmed up. I just got a 6150 to go with it and sounds totaly different a little trebly sounding so I mix them and run them stereo, I just saw a 6150t for 1500, they don't sound that good, I got the 6150 for 500.

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