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6170 Pro Bass Organ/Bass amp


Greetings folks

I recently acquired a 6170 chassis (fully functioning) for a bargain price, this amp is marked as a Organ/Bass model.

The previous owner said it had some mods to make it more Supro-like. I can't find much info on this amp, any experts here ?


Well, weren't all the 1950s and 60s Gretsch amps made by Supro?

Still sounds cool -- show us some pix?


Looks a lot like the Gretsch version of the Supro Thunderbolt.


Hi Tomm. Just stripped and drawn up an earlier 6170 (made by Valco) here


I don't know if the circuit changed that much in the Bass/Organ version (I know the chassis layout did) but it might give you a few clues.


I've got a Gretsch Pro Bass amp (toggle switch model)-

any truth to it being used by Led Zeppellin recording in early years?


The only way to make it more like a Supro is to change the label. If you want the Led Zep sound, you have to use the real crappy Supro Thunderbolt. In a pinch, you could try removing the cathode bypass cap on the output tubes. That'll lower gain too, but it's a lot of what's going on with the breakup on the Thunderbolt.

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