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6149 Reverb question


I have a '65? 6149 Reverb unit and have a question about one of the control knobs. There is a 3 way rotary switch marked Normal, Bass,Treble. With the unit hooked into my amp, I don't really here much (if any?) difference switching it around. What's it's purpose?



I will bet even when new/stock, it wasn't a pronounced difference. Would be interested to know if this was sold under the Supro name also.


I keep playing with it and I'm getting some response from it. Dirty pot maybe? Not sure if it's working right but kind of interesting what it does. By engaging the footswitch, the reverb comes on very early in the knob sweep, too early in fact. It also overdrives too early but sounds great. Now if I disengage the reverb with the footswitch, I can max out the intensity dial and get a nice mellow reverb with zero overdrive. God I love weird amps


Ahhhh ok, used some Deoxit on the footswitch Jack and now it's acting more like I would expect.


I am still curious if this is something Gretsch thought up and had Supro make, or if it was a Supro item that was already being made. I guess it's the latter


I'm sure it's actually Valco making them for both Gretsch and Supro

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