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5222 vs blues jr


How do these amps compare? Home use only..

Is the 5222 a good match for dynasonics?



A match made in heaven as long as you don't need a ton of headroom. This is a combination I play daily.


The 5222 is fun but needs tweaking. The grill cloth is like curtain material and muffles the sound and I think there might be a quality control issue with the speaker: some people have good experiences with the stock one, others swap it out, usually for a Weber 6". I used the stock speaker for a while but it began to crackle and 'fart' after a few months. I recently got the Weber AlNiCo speaker and now I actually use the amp. The grill cloth issue is easily and cheaply dealt with, just get some grill mesh (I have a lot of leftover oxblood grill cloth, pm me and I'll send you some). The tubes in the 5222 are horrendous but that's an easy fix as well. The last issue concerns the mains hum, it is quite noticeable and can get annoying. There's a guy called Alnicomagnet on Ebay who sells parts kits that address the problem. I've never soldered PCB so I haven't looked into it but the reviews of the kit are really. I think ultimately the 5222/Champion 600 are fun but expensive given the amount of money you then sink into them to make them playable. I have no experience with the Blues Jr. other than a very pleasurable encounter when I was trying out a pedal a few weeks ago. It's probably a more 'serious' amp.


I would advise checking out Frugal Amps. The builder is extremely knowledgable, and has a ton of experience. He can probably build you what you want for a really hous price and even tries to work within your budget.

His Wreck clone sounds pretty amazing, but I'm more interested in his 18 watt/Dumble hybrid. $425.00.

Tgat's not bad!


BTW, I was stupid and didn't clarify my post. I was speaking of the Blues Jr. Sorry!


The G5222 is 5W and the Blues Jr is 15W I believe. I don't think they are comparable. The G5222 is fine for a living room amp. The Blues JR would work great for small venues. The Blues JR would be far more versatile I think.

I compared the Blues JR to the Vox Night Train a while ago and thought they both sounded great, but I'm leaning toward the Night Train.


What Sarah said. No comparison. The Blues Jr III is good to go right out of the box. (I have one.) Many say the G5222 is a good 5 watt amp, if you change out the grill cloth, the on/off switch,the speaker and the tubes. By the time you've invested in all that, you could have bought a Blues Jr. It appears the G5222 is no longer in production. It's no longer listed with some of the online dealers. (Sweetwater, MF, GC, etc.)


My opinion:

  • G5222 cost me 100 bucks (second hand at ebay). It's 5W so it's GREAT for home, recording, litle jams with quiet drummer. You can squeeze it at home, but you can't gig it without extension cab, mic, etc. I play mine every day at home. It's stock except for the tubes and sounds extremely well for these purposes.

  • BJunior goes 'round 300 bucks (second hand at ebay). It's 15W so it's GREAT for small-medium gigs but too loud to squeeze it at home. Sure you can play it at home at 1-2 but it's not till 5-7 when it sounds at it's best. I think it's a great choice for a bar-pub player as it sounds quite well and can be easily carried.

So both are GREAT amps on their fields, but I'd choose the G5222 for home use.


I loved my Blues JR, but it was too loud for the very few small venues I played and WAY too loud for home use ... so I sold it and have been using the G5222 (courtesy of a Round-Up give-away). I'm pleased with the results, but then again, I'm not a pro and don't have too keen an ear for these things.

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