Gretsch Amps

50’s 4 piece stereo falcon amp rig


I have never even heard of this but watching this video it sounds like this was some crazy deluxe package of amps that gretsch sold with the white falcon?



I gave one of these set-ups a good look about 10 years ago. Very, very cool for 1958!


One vintage dealer had one of these about 10 years for some absurd price... still cool tho.


Yep, it was Rumble Seat Music. The picture Twangmeisternyc posted was from their website. Quite a rig, indeed.


You can see why these never quite took off: he's getting confused just trying to explain how it works. Good thing he didn't have the Falcon with the four toggle switches. Thanks for posting; I'd never seen these amps and gear in use before.


The idea of splitting the signal so that one pickup is separated from the other is not very creative or useful. Splitting the top and bottom strings MIGHT be useful depending on the song.

A more useful sound is obtained by playing with things like phasing and time delay effects between two speakers to get depth and 3-D sound...and more in keeping with the idea of what most people's idea of "stereo" is.

Reverb? Why bother using it at all in a situation where you are using a large space anyway?

It makes more sense to simply send the same signal to two separated speakers and let the time delay do its thing....or to add time delay and phasing effects (like my favorite Magnatone vibrato).

Usually with these types of sounds "less is more" because separating signals into two widely separate speakers alone does a lot.


This guy knows how to use a stereo Bird pretty darn well. Of course he's been using it for a couple of years! LOL


Wow. Great to see and hear this combo of amazing Falcon and that bonkers amp set up. He suggests we're welcome to come in and play...but where? Maybe Old Hat Guitars in Horncastle? I know Dave worked there

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