Gretsch Amps

1963 Gretsch 6160 Amp


What do You Think , Sitting @ Spaceman music , Ottawa Ont


There's a clean looking one with an asking price of $1100 and change Canadian on right now (they might accept an offer, but there would be a couple hundred on shipping involved, too). No affiliation, naturally.


Have you tried it? Is everything working? Does it have the footswitch?

Looks like a cool amp--shame the dealer hasn't cleaned it up a bit to display it.


it always bugged me at gutiar shows in the roaring 90s and early 21st century -- vintage dealerz would bring in these amps straight out of garages, barns, attics, wherever... .just dirty, mouse droppings, (really) put some stupid price on it, and still too lazy to clean it up, at least somewhat restore, at least put freekin reissue knobs on that old brown Princeton, etc that was missing two of them etc, So we always made insulting low offers just to piss them off.

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