Gretsch Amps

1962 Gretsch 6159 Bass Amp demo


The past weeks I've been working on restoring the circuit of my 6159 Bass Amp. The amp had been sitting in storage for quite a while - now I finally had the time to work on it. And oh boy - is it worth it! This thing is a BEAST.

So last night, I wanted to run a quick test and plugged the Tele into the bass + guitar channels. I'd forgotten that the tele was in open D tuning from another 'thing'. And as I started playing, this just sorta happened to come out of the guitar and the amp. I figured I'd turn it into a little clip to document the kind of tones that can be had from these maniac machines. Valco FTW!

So I present to you the Gretsch 6159 Bass Amp, in all it's raw power! (warts'n all) And don't miss that raw daisy-chained going to the bone in the 2nd half of the vid!


Cool! Valco amps have a nice raw sound to them. My Supro 1624 Dual Tone is also a dirt monster.


Completely agree Ellen - a tone of their own. Too often overlooked IMO.


l keep saying 1957-66 Valco amps were just a notch under Fender... tweaked, they can be awesome.

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