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Hey Paul. I'm gonna send you a PM later when I have a better source than a phone.

Interested in a footswitch.


Whythehell wont Gretsch reissue that thing?


RepentOrPerish wrote:

Whythehell wont Gretsch reissue that thing?

For some reason I thought they were and Billy Zoom has his hand in it somehow.

...I could be wrong.


I could pay 17 months of rent with that! 8-o


Billy Zoom makes his OWN line of amps, one of which resembles the cowboy amp, or more accurately, a mirror image (cosmetically) with his signature on the grill cloth by the steerhead. I dont know the availability currently, I believe he had some health problems and ceased production for a bit....

...that said, Billy's amp is most suredly a superb sounding and quality product, and probably a bit out of my price range sadly (for me :( )


Great Find!

I bought mine from the second owner... He bought it from the original owner along with a 1959 Annie. The original owner bought them together new in 1959. So I guess my amp is from 1959. The fellow that I bought the amp from was in his mid 60s and very knowledgable about vintage giutars ... A huge Gretsch fan... He still has the Annie.

Yep - the controls are located on the top of my amp ... Mine came with the original tremelo pedal and ... WTF? A Cover ... That may explain why the grill graphics are so clean.



57 Chet, that amp is truly BEAUTIFUL! I had seen pics of it before but none close up. Before I wondered if the grill was recovered and reprinted. Now I know from the source. That amp cover must have done wonders for it.

You tell the ol' fella you want the Annie if he ever gets rid of it? That would be a neat original match.


What an awesome story! Congratulations.


Looks like a pair of 6973 power tubes in there 57Chet, man that one is clean.


Are those just regular alnico 6x9 car speakers of the day?


2-6973 ,1-5Y3GT, and 3- 12AX7 tubes.  The Speakers are 550-19 &550-20 Rolas. The tweeter is a 550-1.


I would not rule out that Billy Zoom is going to make a tribute amp like that.

I would not rule out that Billy Zoom is going to make a tribute amp like that. – Geoff Vane

I'd be interested in a Zoom cowboy amp with a 15". ???


Anybody know a source for the cabinet or grill cloth, or even the plans or a sketch of the amp dimension, My brother-in-law is a cabinet maker and maybe I can come up with something,

It would be nice to know what amp chasse would fit,

Just a thought


Are they serious on the price?

What's a real world price on these?

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