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1956 6163 Executive project amp


I recently acquired a fully functioning 1956 model 6163 chassis that I want to put back together. I see they originally came with a Jensen P15N and some sort of a 4" tweeter. Did these amps employ some sort of crossover unit or such for the 4"? I can't imagine them lasting long or sounding very good with a full range signal. 4" speaker selection isn't much so I might do something different like a 12" and an 8" since I have a pair of such Jensens laying around. Right now just curious about the 15"/4" operation before I take it much further.


That was my first amp. There ought to be a capacitor in line with the tweeter, but I can't remember the value. Basic high pass crossover that's common in cheaper stereo speakers. 4"s were common in AM radios and TVs back in the day. Gibson amps often used pairs of mixed speaker sizes---usually 10" and 12", and 8" and 15". Tweeters weren't totally unknown with guitar amps---Kustom and Acoustic used paging horns on a few. Someone else produced a heavy duty horn driver connected to a Conn or Selmer trombone bell. I think Jim Cippolina used them in a rig.


It'll probably sound way better without the 4", unless you play it super clean.


I think it's a resistor that is used.


No, it's a capacitor. Simple high pass crossover circuit.


Even my 6161 has a 33 ohms in the passive crossover circuit.


Well, it IS a cap. Weird. I learn something every day. So it just limits the power going to the 4". Odd. So it gets full signal, just reduced output. Of course, I had the amp in '63, so my memory of it could easily be off.

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