Gretsch Amps

1939-ish Electromatic Gretsch Amp



It looks a lot like a variation of the first Electromatic Amp seen in the 1939 catalog. The leather-covered handle looks like it belongs on a bizzare western saddle; pommel from outer space. The "Spartan" type on the speaker certainly looks like it's from that time-frame. Two inputs, a volume control that goes to 30, and a cool crinkle-finish back with an 8" speaker. Anybody recognize the parts and what it might sound like?


Gotta be one one of the earliest we have seen. Gibson and Rickenbacker had primitive but cool pre war amps back then of course. Restored, it would be polite sounding .. my guess - but a look at a schematic would really give an idea.


Good luck finding that schematic. I just like the lightning bolt.


it's tiny -- I should not be interested in this but I am.


Those leather handles came on Gibson amps of the period, and are usually messed up and pretty hard to replace.

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