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Wiring, pots, etc. quality on Gretsch black panther


I recently purchased. Tv jones classic plus and tv jones classic to put in my black panther. I was thinking of upgrading the capacitor and maybe pots. The main reason I’m thinking pots is that my tone knob barely works. It only come into play in about 10% of its sweep. My question is, do the proline gretsches come with quality pots and wiring? I’m paying someone to install the pickups. Its a $45 fee just to pull the wiring harness, and then $50 per component. On one hand since I’m paying him $45 just to get at it I figure I’ll upgrade everything. On the other, if they tend to be good quality pots, etc in the prolines I’ll save my money and just have him look at the tone knob.


The electronics are of good quality. That's the normal taper for Gretsch wiring.


Thanks Proteus. My next purchase is my tru arc. I contacted you about a week ago on that.


Uh oh. Did I answer?

– Proteus

Now, that gave me a good chuckle, Mr. P!


I did! I checked. I even followed up. I was diligent.

ADVICE FROM OLD PERSON: Practice habitual diligence. If there's a chance you won't remember later if you did something, do it now and take notes.


I was also wondering if installing new 1000 pots was worth the swap.


ADDENDUM I FORGOT: Remember where you put the notes.


ADDENDUM I FORGOT: Remember where you put the notes.

– Proteus

True!! This is the key!

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