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Wiring Harness for G5259 Special Jet


Hey everybody! I am going to take the dive into actually setting up my own guitars. I got a luthier friend who can come in and save the day if I totally screw something up but I want to rewire my special jet.

New 3 way switch CTS pots etc. This is a cheap enough guitar that I feel comfortable taking the first steps with.

Do you all know of any good wiring harnesses to recommend for a project like this? I am thinking a 2 PU les paul JR.

Any harnesses/companies to recommend?


Slight derail - I just got my 5259 back from Curt. He did a great job on the frets and setup. I love this guitar.


See what TV Jones has for harnesses. Otherwise, buy the parts and build your own. That's a great guitar, by the way.


Hey Wabash and Bob I ordered a wiring harness from TV Jones. It just got in and I am in the process of taking the old harness out. I am looking for the wiring diagram online for this guitar but cant find it.

Simple circuit I know but I am brand new to this stuff so it all spooks me still :)

any advice?


Can't you just copy the stock layout with your new components?


Hey Bob that is a good point. So what I have started to do is just trace out the circuit on paper for the harness already in the guitar. The wiring gets messy as I get to the 3 way toggle switch (one ground was totally disconnected) BUT I have noticed right off the bat that the trace I am making for the harness in the guitar is different than the harness TV Jones sent me.

Notes: 1.) I am a total novice but I am capable to tracing wires to see what connects to what. 2.) The harness that came with the guitar is a bit of a mess and the factory in China could have used excess wiring (some of which wasn't even connected) that TV Jones crew didn't consider?

Ultimetly when I sent TV Jones a request for a harness I told them the make and model and layout of master volume master tone 3 way selector. They said no problem and sent me the upgraded harness that I now realize doesn't match what is in the guitar.

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