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Will this work??


Howdy, Long story, I'm wondering if I can 'split' the coils on the bridge Filter - Have one hardwired as normal and have the other half wired through a pot to control how much of the 2nd coil comes into play..... Hoping to go from a weaker single coil sound to full filtertron and all spots in betwen with the roll of a knob.....

Reckon it'll work??


Look for how to wire a blend pot.


Thanks! Edit: I did that, I'm not sure that's what I'm looking for - I assume that will be both coils full strength in the middle and either coil full strength at either side? That's more options than I was looking for. Finding centre mid solo is asking too much of my not-so-fine motor skills. Basically want one coil full hot and then the ability to dial in as much of the second coil as required - fast and on the fly. I think just a pot on one coil should do that, right?


Next question.... should I ground one lug of the pot or leave it free......that way maybe a small portion of the signal will continue on to buck the hum?

Or does it need to be grounded as per usual volume pot?


The really wide bridge pickup on my Yamaha SGV 300 has a blend pot, with the mid point being full on. The pot is centre notched so no probs finding the mid point. I think this is the sort of thing you want.



The neck pickup is my favourite sounding pickup. I wish I could get more of them, I'd love to put one in a Tele. I got it very cheap because it has some dents in the bottom. It fell out of the hanger in the store and destroyed a SG.


Perfect colour for it Tubs.

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