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Im an Ozzy fan, as much as I am an Earth,Wind & Fire fan.. how bout…


pardon the cross post this is raaaad!

Behold the greatest song ever to take place on the internet, my high school yrs all placed into one song w my love for Ozzie Ozborn and Earth Wind and Fire. ha! Although my eye twitched w the solo, I lived for that solo and still play this song horribly today.


I think my brain just exploded.


I heard this on a radio show this morning and it blew my mind. They didn't play the whole song though. Thanks for posting it. It's Crazy!


I also heard it this morning on the radio,,KLOS.

Not bad.


Nicely done.

I liked this one too as the intro tune to 'The Osbournes'


I'll just drop this here...


I think my brain just exploded.

– lx

I like both but I think my brain just imploded. I think I'm going off the rails of the crazy train now.


Who knew Ozzy was such a funky dude? Get on down, Prince of F***ing Darkness!

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