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Weber Speakers, Whats the deal?


So Ive been messing around with guitars for many years now, but I do not put alot of emphasis on the technical aspect of it. I usually just switch on,plug it in and if it sounds good great. Lately I've been testing different amps ,Pickups and Effects. When it comes to speakers Im familiar with Eminence,Celestion and Electro-Voice etc.

I keep reading about people installing Webers in their amps and Im not really familiar with them as I find very little info or Advertising on them. Everyone seems to love them and the claims are very favorable,Are they a hidden Secret amongst Amp Aficionados?


I only have one Weber. But it is the great 10” that many use in Princeton Reverbs. And with VERY good reason - especially combined with late break-up 6v6’s and a midrange control added.


No idea at all about the other Weber speakers.


They have a lot of options and have stuff even for us clean players that want only clean sounds. No distortion, if you please. Well made -- there are less expensive speakers out there but I think they are worth the extra price increment.


No secret. Lots of opinions about Weber Speakers. I guess it depends on your experience with the company and with the sound you get from the speakers.

My opinion, the only choice for authentic 60’s Chicago alnico and ceramic tone. Handmade, one at a time for your ears.

I use the British series speakers exclusively in my Marshall and Vox builds. They’re also in my personal speaker cab that I use for testing amps. Just superb speakers.


The thing about Weber is their speakers mostly cater to those who want Vintage Jensen or Celestion sounds at a lower price (than vintage). They also offer some unique designs that seem well-received. I've really enjoyed all of their products that I've tried, but I don't have much experience with the originals they emulate.


I'm a big fan of their neo 15" speakers - a lightweight way to get to JBL D130 territory. I've got three - two in a Showman type speaker cabinet and one in an Ampeg Gemini I combo.


And they’re one of the last speaker companies still made in America. Eminence held out for a long time but now even Eminence is imported.


Does Weber still make neo speakers? Can't find them on their site anywhere.


I live about a half an hour from them. Made in Kokomo, Indiana. I like the fact that they're local.


So they are an American Company making speakers that emulate Original Era speakers and at times exceed them in tonal qualities. Cool.

I tried a out a Cannabis Rex and a Vintage 30 (British)in one of my amps and they both sounded very good. I swapped out another Chinese Vintage 30 also, but damn my ears just cant tell the difference. Maybe I'll try a Weber next.

Looks like I have way too much time on my hands lately As Ive decided to do speaker swaps and tube swaps on my amps.


I wish only the best for Weber, may Ted rest in peace. Interesting guy.

Had several chats with him when he went from kits to having boutique amps assembled under his flag.

His AlNiCo speakers are great, and I like the Beam Blockers a lot, too.


I have a 12A125 and a 12F125 each in a closed back cab that I run my Li'l Dawg D-Lux through and I can't imagine something sounding better. Highly recommend.


I like their vintage style Alnico speakers, the Jensen type ceramics I've tried were all too loud. I wish they'd come with smaller magnets - they all seem to come with a lot bigger magnet than the Jensens they're based on.


I have a Weber 15 and a scumnico that I think Weber make. Both nice speakers. I find it’s hard to say whether a speaker is great or not... it’s more a question of _is it suited to your amp. I just got a 64 Celestion silver bell alnico in a trade . didn’t think I liked em , as I usually prefer ceramics but it is wonderful with my blonde tremolux . I think trying different speakers is definitely worthwhile .


I have never gone down the road if speaker swapping, but when building a vibroverb, I heard good things about the Weber California for that old JBL sound. Have never a/b’d them, but it definitely got me where I wanted to be. Quality product and easy to resell if you’re not happy.


I switched a Jensen P12q for a Weber 12a125a in a tweed Deluxe. Similar tone,but the Weber is clearer, with more vibrancy.


They make excellent speakers in the USA, and you can talk to the president of the company via phone or email. And they'll customize for you. I've got Blue Dogs and Silver Bells in my Brit style amps, and 12A125, 12F150, 10A125, 10F150 and 8A125 with Fender/Traynor and Gretsch amps. The 8A125 is a secret weapon in Champs and other small tube amps with 8 inch speakers.


10f125-p I have three of them in my Allen


I have a 15A150 in my Tweed Tremolux and it’s amazing. I have a Jensen P15N and I think the Weber sounds better. Very 3D.


I put a Weber alnico Sig 8 in my '69 Champ when the original Oxford blew, and have been extremely happy with it.

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