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Volume pot grounding issue


I just replaced the volume pot on my Phoenix (Powertrons with Setzer Hot Rod wiring) with a TVJ treble bleed 500k pot. The previous owner's push /pull pot wouldn't turn completely off was the reason for the change.

Anyway it works as it should except that when I touch the volume knob any time, and the pickup covers or selector switch if the volume is rolled off, I get a buzz/hum like a bad ground. Touching the strings or tailpiece makes no difference. It's perfectly quiet (buzz-wise) as long as I don't touch the volume knob or the pickup covers or switch.

I wired it per the TVJ Hot Rod diagram and tried multiple different ground wire to pot body and lug configurations using jumper wires. I either got buzz or no function.

It's most likely a failed IQ test on my part, but any ideas out there?


It makes me think that it might be the grounding of the pickup to the pot. Could you have switched the leads by accident?


Anything is possible, I suppose, but the pot only gets signal from the three way switch and sends to the output jack. Pickups go to the three way selector, no direct connection to the pot.

No buzz at all, even if touching the knob, if the volume is all the way off. The pickup covers and toggle only buzz if volume is rolled off a bit. Knob buzzes at every touch unless volume all the way off.


Did you mean switching the thicker inner wire and the thinner wire as far as how they go to lugs vs pot body?


That did it. I was bass ackwards.

Thank you!


I'm glad it helped. I've done it before myself. If it sounds kind of like when you put your finger on the tip of a guitar cable, you're probably touching the hot lead and not the ground.

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