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Using “standoffs” to mount a Speaker…


Anybody aware of using standoffs to mount a Speaker in a closed-back cabinet?

Might it give a similar effect as a Tone Ring?

Then, again, mounting a Speaker to a smaller panel, then with standoffs to the front baffle?

Not that different than a Dual Showman style cabinet baffle...?


SImple answer...NO! The tone ring models are tuned reflex enclosures, with the slots on the sides of the baffle sserving as ports to tune the cabinet. Mounting a speaker on standoffs would just remove all of the lower frequencies.


Yeah, I kinda figured it could go either way...Thx.

The first way could act like Porting, however it worked out being Tuned...the other way not enough contact with the cabinet to reproduce the Lows.

I'm still waiting on my Back Panel from MojoTone ...should have it in a couple more weeks.

...Just trying to lay out my options concerning Acoustic Foam, Porting, etc. being able to reverse whatever I do to return my extension cabinet back to its current configuration.

Not sure I have enough space within to do any significant Porting, trying to be Lucky!


Porting isn't useful in a guitar cabinet. It only affects the frequencies below guitar range. Just put the back on...a sealed box is the most usefull and the hardest to mess up. Ports have to be tuned properly to be useful, and the cabinet has to be the correct size.


You want to separate the front of the speaker as much as possible from the rear to increase low end response. Bass reflex tuned ports are infinitely better than the tone ring. As BZ said, porting is usually relegated to hi-fi cabs to lower the frequency response---below guitar range. Just go with a sealed box and don't scrimp on the fiberglass batting inside.


I knew more about all this in Jr. HS than I can even begin to remember today!

This modified cabinet is to be primarily for Electric Bass, not that it won't be used with guitars in some way...

Back then, I had Porting Tubes of all diameters and lengths trying out different configurations.

What got me going was the double baffle B15NC I had for many years...

I don't have a workshop at the moment, which is a challenge...needs to be a simpler concept.

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