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Upgrades to 2003 Electromatic Double Jet


I changed the tuners to GFS Imperial lookalikes, replaced the Bigsby spring with a Reverend Soft Spring, put on a Tru-Arc aluminum ES-1 bridge, and strung it with GHS Big Core Nickel Rocker strings.


That looks great, Tim!

I’ve got a 2009 Pro Jet that I’m considering working on shortly, and it is a heavy guitar. I’m currently trying to (well, I’ve been doing this for the past 12 months but good things come to those who wait right?) make my Fender Squier strat playable again. To achieve this initially, I need to drill out the tuner shaft holes so your technical advice in the other thread was well received. There are also other things that need some work but i’ll get there.


While I don't consider a Gibson style poker chip to be an upgrade (just a personal thing), I'm definitely onboard with everything else. Nice job, Tim.


He's fixing a hole where the rain comes in.


Speaking of which. I know that you had discussed in another thread that drill bits screwed up the finish. Isn't there an old trick where you use masking tape on the area to be drilled and then drill through that, to protect the finish. I may be wrong.


Great work Tim, it looks very nice. I'm hankering for a nuther Gretsch guitar and I'm considering a Duo Jet. These Electromatic Jets are very nice guitars, I've played one at my local GC. They didn't have a Duo Jet in stock when I was there the last time, but I'd love to get my hands on one of those and do a side by side comparison.

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