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Upgrade Sloppy Fitting Bridge Anchors/Bushings and Studs?


I asked this in another thread but this is probably the best place to ask.

I have a 2009 Mahogany Pro Jet. The Studs are such a sloppy fit in the Anchors/Bushings for the Bridge I'm thinking it's got to be loosing some resonance.

I've ready where some have changed/upgraded the bushings/studs in other make guitars. How about the Pro Jet? The studs are such a sloppy fit I have to push them slightly forward or I run out of adjustments on the bridge intonation.

Anyone change the bushings/studs?


Has anyone tried Faber E-Sert Nashville Studs on a Gretsch Pro Jet ? It's a 1 piece Stud/Anchor so there's no slop in the mount at all. I'm waiting to hear back from Faber to see if the base size is the same as the Gretsch. They advertise that it fits Epi style bridges with 2 pc stud/anchor mounts and "other" Asian made guitars.


Is there still play when the strings are at full tension?


CBell, no there is no play at full tension. But, that doesn't mean there is a majority of surface area mating between the stud and the anchor which may result in diminished sustain.

I could be wrong but I'm thinking that if only 50% of the stud is making contact with the anchor/bushing then I'm not getting all the sustain I would if the contact area was higher. Hence the question about an upgraded stud like the Faber 1pc.

Makes sense?


Understood and agreed, was just trying to see how bad it is. I've never had this situation on a guitar. It does make sense that the contact area should be maximized.

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