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Uncle Doug Fixes Termite Damage to J. Geil’s Old Gibson Cabinet


Interesting.. and hot rod content too!! Not sure why I hadn't discovered his YouTube videos before. I'll bet a bunch of you are already familiar with him.

Great, another rabbit hole of videos for me to fall into... Ha!


I just watched the full video, and I enjoyed it very much. The guy does great work, and brought that cabinet out of disrepair nicely.


I thought the “poodle” Tolex solution was pretty clever and really well executed. Couldn’t see the seams at all. I do find it odd however that he used plywood for the wood repair. Those few years of Gibby cabinets were made of redwood. Just seems that for someone who was sought out to do an authentic repair, he could have gone the extra mile. Otherwise, nice work and vid.

My Gretsch cab didn’t stand a chance.


I was curious too about the use of plywood but not being a restorer myself, I didn't question it.

No, your cab was beyond repair due to the joint deterioration, wasn't it?


Termites left little to be glued back together.


I love watching Uncle Doug's videos.

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