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Tuning Stability (Sticky Time?)


Windsordave made some good points on this topic here:

and I posted a few things that help me here:

Other members have also posted some helpful information. Since the topic comes up so often, especially in relation to Bigsby use, I'm wondering if it might be time to create a sticky. If there is agreement, what is the procedure?


OK, I guess not. I thought that there would be some interest, since the topic of tuning stability comes up so often. It would be of great benefit to newer Gretsch/Bigsby owners.

Should I have posted in the 'About the Gretsch Pages' forum? I'm sure that collectively we could come with a valuable list of things to aid in the quest, especially with so many of you talented, smart, and experienced Gretsch-with-Bigsby folks here.


Not sure why no other comments, but I think this is a worthwhile idea.


Agree. Would be a useful resource for Bigsby rookies like me


Do we even have stickies hereabouts any more? I see the odd pushpin, but those go back several years or more..


I'm not sure how the process works, or even if it's possible, but maybe Baxter will fill us in.


It’s possible and quite simple. I have a dislike of stickies, but they’re easily done. I think if things are worth sticking they’re worth making an article.


Having a source for important matters concerning our guitars is an excellent idea and saves having to write up the same thing over and over. Tuning issues are of particular importance as we see some folks at their wit's end with a recent acquisition and thinking of selling because they can't get it tuned. Most everyone takes the advice offered here and reports the problem solved. Directing new folks to where they'll get all the info they need would be very beneficial.


It’s possible and quite simple. I have a dislike of stickies, but they’re easily done. I think if things are worth sticking they’re worth making an article.

– Baxter

Oh OK; I wasn't thinking about the difference between the two at all. An article then. Any suggestions for getting that together Bax?


I agree that it would be great to have a technical area where you can find information like this easily.
The trouble with something like this is that the information needs to be correct and it needs to be verified by people who know what they are talking about. Or they have to write the articles themselves.
Some of the information that is given in topics (like the ones the OP linked to) is incorrect and there is no way for ‘newbies’ to know that. Of course there can be more opinions or more ways of doing it but still it has to be right….


Write it up and send it my way.

Danman, to your concerns, either way people can comment to clarify and update. They're all living docs in that sense.


Thanks Baxter. Over the next couple of weeks, as time allows, I'll review information that deals with the issue and write something up. The idea is not necessarily to address every possible cause for unstable tuning with Bigsby use, but I'm sure there is enough agreement, based on our collective experience, that a list of points can be assembled in the form of an article.

Proteus made a good point in response to my suggestion to file the bottom of a tune-o-matic style bridge to create one that rocks back and forth. It makes more sense to of course have a stable, flat plane on the bottom, with a bevel on either side. This insures an accurate return of the saddle to the same place each time after a Bigsby movement. Of course the nut will receive the most attention.


I’d start with 90% of the time it’s the nut every time


Yes, tuning can be a “sticky” Situation!

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