Meet & Greet

Greetings from Lake Texas ;-)


Welcome to the mean welcome to the club, OddJobb!


Howdy! You do realize that Gretsches are like potato chips---ya can't have just one!


Howdy! You do realize that Gretsches are like potato chips---ya can't have just one!

– wabash slim

Yup. I can't even play and I have six. Welcome!


Nice! But they're backwards!

– UncleGrumpy

Trick photography? Welcome. You'll like it here.


I understand that Lake Texas thing. Central Texas and Oklahoma has been pretty much a solid lake for a few weeks now. I think the Gulf of Mexico now extends to Oklahoma City. I am in southern Oklahoma, and no rain so far this week. Lake Texoma crested a couple of days ago at a new record. It's on the way back to normal.

Welcome to the Gretsch Pages. Some of the finest people on this earth abide here. You have some beautiful guitars. Let us know if we can help.


Welcome, my fellow lefty. Them there guitars aren't backwards to me.

And it looks like we're getting Elliot Easton back. This place is going to become a southpaw's oasis.



Welcome to the GDP. I see that SRV isn't enjoying the Texas flood to much either.


Hey!!!! Give us back our water! That was supposed to fall in California!

Welcome Oddjob!


Greetings! I love the green Anniversaries.

– BuddyHollywood

Great find, Dave.


I think my little home town wound up with a little over 24" of rain in the month of May.


What has happened here? Have we driven off the OP already? That usually takes a bit longer than mere days!


Maybe religion, but his profile said he chases old ladies around the mall. And he likes RC cars. Anyone that likes radio controlled stuff must be ok. I was going to suggest he add an RC car to each shoe and catch one for a change.

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