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How can I determine which Bigsby to use


How does one determine which Bigsby to use? The guitar I have now has a Bigsby with torsion is mounted so far back that arm barley reaches the bridge pick up. Even if I were to add a Chet wire arm it would only break even with the edge of the bridge pick up. I am thinking of swapping it out with a longer Bigsby and longer wire arm.

How can I determine if I could use a Bigsby without the torsion arm? the guitar is a Peerless Gigmaster Custom 17" .


Take a flat object like a ruler and lay it flat from the bar on your Bigsby where the strings attach (the top of it) to your bridge. If you've got enough string angle so that the strings have a bit of pressure on the bridge, you don't need to use the tension bar. If that's the case, you can remove the bar itself, or just run the strings over it like it isn't there. Or get another one without the tension bar.

Minimum string angle behind the bridge:

I find that if you can get your handle to to terminate at about the location of the bridge pickup, that's a great place for it to be. It makes it very easy to play while holding it at the same time.


If the position of the arm is the only thing that bothers you, you can keep the Bigsby and just replace the arm with a longer one.

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