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This is not really a question


But more like a statement, No pics, sorry, but we don't need them. So I have a set of Planet Waves locking tuners in a beat up old acoustic, I think I might have spent maybe 75 bucks on them way back when at of all places Guitar Center. so with out any thought at all I swapped them out into my Schecter Corsair, yeah I took out the Grovers and put them in. Shit I'm glad I did. I am not one to boast a product or a brand unless it involves my Ford trucks. HA HA... but these little tuners are something to behold, not sure if they are still available but if they are. Go for it.


OK now I'll need to snap a pic, the D'Addarios do look the same.


Sorry, bad pic, I'll get back to it a bit later on.

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