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Telecaster spare parts build


One of the projects that is keeping me entertained is the cleaning out and attempted organization of closets, sheds and hi-die-holes. I’m finding some fun stuff.

First I found this cool, light weight tele body left over from a long forgotten project. I found it on super/sale at GFS a few years ago. It’s so light it feels like balsa wood.

I kept digging, found a neck from a MIM that someone (it might have been me) mined for parts and left the neck. I found more pieces of projects and soon realized that I had all the parts needed to put a new tele together. This will be fun. A new guitar, even if it sucks, is a good thing.

Is this pile of bits going to become a Tele?

It just might be cool.

Stay tuned.


Looking good, Bob! Good luck with the project. Look forward to seeing how it turns out!


BTW, I'm partial to that color combination...


Good thing for Mr. Howard to stay occupied during confinement. Looks promising! I'm toast on projects until I can unload a few things.


Cool (found) project, Bob. Hope it turns out nice!


Hope it becomes a keeper!


I will stay tuned, cool project! Nice to have all the parts so you're ready to go, and that color can light up a room. I've been gathering parts over the last few years with a few different projects in my head so my box of parts won't make a complete guitar yet unfortunately.


Not that many steps.

Mostly done. The neck needs a shim, I may have one.

Lady’s and gentlemen! May I introduce, weighing in at 5 lbs.,8 oz....the Beach Baby, my new partscaster! Looks right at home here in my toy box of a house.

Sounds spanky and twangy, like a Tele should.


Dang, whiped-up on short-order. Good work, Bob!


I surprised myself how quickly it fell together. And it plays and sounds better than it should. I love this neck and the pups are terrific.


That's really sweet.


Looks great, Bob. That it quickly fell together is a good thing. Josh said my partscaster “wanted” to go together, and it is magical. Hope yours is, too.


Whoa, finished in warpspeed! That looks like a great guitar, it's great to find the time to do projects such as these.


Well, thanks fellers. Thanks to Leo, this is such a simple design, a few drill holes, solder joints and screws and, as the parts were already cut out, it went together in a snap. Fine tuning will take a month, though.

Hope it’s magic, Bob. It’s showing promise, more than expected. Josh is building me a Champ in a tweed Deluxe cab, to fit a 12” speaker.


Came out great, Bob! Wow, that thing is super light! Enjoy!


My second lightest at 5.5 lbs. My lightest i, believe it or not, my very old Guild 12 string at 4.9 lbs.


Turned out pretty cool....and light!


Thanks, JCHiggy. Hopefully, light enough to hang on my shoulder when I’m 90.

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