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String spacing and pickup alignment


Hi folks ,

its becoming more apparent to me that the high e pickup pole piece in my G5129 with s/c pickups is misaligned from the string. I noticed it yesterday for real when jamming with others, after having doubts for a while. I think they are the deArmond types

is there away to ease the pickup over a little on these guitars? I have not got a clue how they are mounted!!

Thanks Paul


Can you hear a difference?


Yes but only really on the high E the others are pretty even Thanks



Have you tried raising that pole piece?


Post a pic showing the bridge, pickups and neck.


The pic is a little off-center, but string alignment down the neck and over the pickups looks good to me.

In fact, better over the polepieces than I might have expected. (Make it a practice to notice this alignment on every electric guitar - of any brand - you see. I find perfect alignment much more the exception than the rule.)

It's probably possible to move a pickup slightly - by filling the mounting holes in the top and redrilling slightly adjacent to them - but I don't think you have even the hint of enough problem to justify that.

If you really hear any dropoff in response from any string on the pickup whose alignment you question (and that's really hard to evaluate, because once you're obsessing about it, how you gonna meticulously calibrate your picking velocity as you test adjacent strings to see if they produce equal energy for equal velocity - especially since they're different gauges and the fatter one moves more mass to move more electrons ANYway?) ...

... just use the screw in front of the polepiece to raise it slightly.

Like the man said.

From this pic, I don't think you have a problem.


Looks pretty well perfect from that picture Raise your high E string pole pieces if they're quiet With a plain G string typically the D string pole is a little higher and the high E as well Here's what the pole pieces look like when you're using a wound G


Thankyou guys. It needs a good setup anyway when i can be parted from it. Playing it tonight on my own it didnt seem as obvious. It may even be a bit of "choking". Cheers Paul


Get a little screwdriver and do it yourself! So easy!

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