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String height, action and scale length


My 5420 has amazing action the height of the strings to the fretboard is low and literally flat all the way down the neck. My Tele and Strat (both 25.5) don’t come close to comparing. Starting at around the 9th fret the strings gradually move further from the fretboard.

Ive had both Fenders worked on hoping I could get the same action result as my 24.75 scale Gretsch but that’s never been accomplished. Is this because of the difference in scale lengths? And one of the Fenders has the same 12” radius for what its worth


My 10” radius, 25.5” scale tele is low and buttery compared to my Gretsch guitars (which are also low and easy). So I think it’s just the setup.


It's because the neck angle in the Fender guitars are not optimum. If I run into this I place about an inch wide piece of a business card cut off the edge and place it in the neck pocket next to the body. It seems very minor but the thickness of the business card seems to work perfectly.


I got a shim from stew Mac for my Strat.

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