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Streamliner Pickup Selector and Tone Control Issues



I have a brand new Gretsch Streamliner that I received as a gift at a fundraising raffle. I have no paperwork. I love it but I'm new to the controls and there are two issues...

First, the 3-way switch in the center position only activates the neck pickup. I've ordered a new Switchcraft but it may just be a bad connection.

Second, the tone control seems to have no effect at all. Again, it may be faulty wiring but if anyone can recommend a replacement I'd appreciate it.

I'm not comfortable returning something I got as a gift and would like to fix this on my own. Thanks


That guitar isn't right in a big way.

You may have received it as a gift, but someone presumably purchased it from a dealer who purchased it from Gretsch.

In any case, it has a year warranty at the least, and in my experience Gretsch does not waffle, weasel, stint, or cavil in warranty matters.

If the guitar was modified by someone up the chain of possession before you got it, that would presumably void the warranty. Otherwise, I imagine Gretsch will take care of you.



In an effort to resolve as quickly as possible, please PM me with your phone number & best time to call.


Thanks for the replies. I don't want to make a big deal about this because, as I said, I got it at a charity fund raiser. It was donated by a local shop but I'm not comfortable getting them involved with something they contributed to help raise money. It's a new guitar but didn't come with paperwork of any. I kind of suspect they donated it because it had issues. I'm a long time guitar player and was hoping I could fix it myself. By the way, it's perfectly playable even with the switch/tone problems. It looks like replacing the whole harness would take care of things but, aside from the cost, it looks like a bit of work. Thanks for the input. I may call and see if I have any other options. As a note I'm kind of a Fender guy but I LOVE this guitar.


Well, do contact Joe Carducci through the site. He's the Gretsch product specialist, and I imagine he can resolve the situation to your preference, without involving the dealer at all.


I got the Streamliner switch figured out and apparently the problem was my lack of understanding how the pickup volume controls work. I came across a post explaining that in the center position there's a 50% point on each volume pot where that pickup cuts out and at 30% everything cuts out. Very odd but that seems to be the case here and it's not something I found in any documentation I downloaded. I assumed each control was independent. I still don't hear a difference in the tone control but it's not important to me. At 72 my hearing isn't what it used to be. Thank you for your time and your help.

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