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Stew Mac Pot Cleaning Cap


I have fine. Be sure to wrap a little cloth or tissue around and under it for any over-saturation as well as protect your guitar finish from your Contact Cleaner product.

Remember, a full spray can is easy to "spurt" all over!


I have one made of brass that screws on to the pot threads and also has a O-ring to seal it to the shaft but a leak is always a possibility. The one I have also has a hole to turn a pot with a split shaft. Thanks john


A few inches of plastic tubing will work in a pinch. Fill it about a half inch and let it seep into the pot.


I have an antique brass plunger device that we used at the theater for decades. You had to draw the cleaning solution up and use it like a medical syringe. This device is far simpler.


What spray are you guys using? Keep in mind I'm in Southern Spain. Not the best place for picking up specialty items on the go.


I have one. It works but can be messy as described above. JB's and Wabash's suggestions are excellent. DeoxIT is a good cleaner.


I picked up one of these Pot Cleaners awhile back,havent used it yet even though I have a pot thats constantly staticky and popping. Im hesitant because I dont want to damage my finish.

Maybe I'll give it a shot when I restring my 6118 this weekend.


I don't think De-Oxit will damage the finish if Naptha won't. Curt? Josh?


No more seeds?


No more seeds?

– NJBob

Hard to find a double LP anymore.


I have used this product for many years. Check out the Tech Specs...

Naptha, Hexanes, Pentanes, Butanes, Ethanes...all forms of lighter VOCs and alcohols.

It evaporates quickly.

DeOxIt is much higher in Naptha, different blend...

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