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Sperzel Locking Tuners Can You Go Back To Grover Sta-Tites??


Anybody done this? Just got a G6119FT 1962 Tennessee Rose . Someone "upgraded" to Sperzel Locking Tuners so you have the screw holes from the stock Grover Sta-Tites exposed. I don't like that and prefer the vintage original look. Since it appears the holes had to be enlarged to 10mm or 25/64 and the Grovers are 8.73mm or 11/32 . Can I go back to the stock Grovers without issue and will they cover the small anchor peg on the back of the Sperzels?


If the only issue is the holes were enlarged, I suggest the toothpick solution. The only way to see if they'll hide the additional holes is to remove one and place the Sperzel back in place and make an assessment. Easily reversible if you decide to stay with the locking ones.


Thanks guys. I ordered some Sta-Tites and "conversion bushings" for 10mm holes. Hopefully it will work. I don't mind Sperzel locking tuners I have guitars with them but never have had any problem of my guitars going out of tune with vintage or regular tuners even with heavy Bigsby use. We all know if you play out of tune it sounds like there are more of you right? :)


Done worked perfectly looks good like a 62 should :)


Brilliant, how does the front look?


Looks great Raye, I definitely see why you wanted to revert back to the original tuners, nicely done!


Thanks for asking Mr Tubs "Brilliant, how does the front look?"

Looks great here is a pic.


Thanks for asking Mr Tubs "Brilliant, how does the front look?"

Looks great here is a pic.

– Raye Boals

So cool, you'd never really know they've been changed.

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