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Slot Heads


Has Gretsch ever made a slot head?

Every time I take these two through a string change I feel exhausted afterwards. I have watched YouTubes, tried different ways and techniques...but, the 12-er is still a killer.

Is a Ric 12-er as much a bother?

I have an idea that maybe only I would think worthy...why not swage a bead/ball onto the string about an 1 1/2" ahead once it is passed through the tuning peg hole?

Snip the rest of the string end off...

Kinda like putting a light, squeeze style lead weight on a fishing line...

Or maybe better said somewhat like a small Fender Bullet end, but fully permanent.

A tool goes along in the kit of beadballs, maybe two sizes/styles, one for plains, the other wounds.


The ball seats into the hole slightly, just wind the string up to tension.

Would work on any guitar for that more twist and wrap or other techniques required.


The Rick headstock ... loved by some, hated by others.

Still, I feel your pain.

Same w B-5 Bigsby...


Apologies if you've already seen this video (slotted headstock section starts at 11:30):


Probably time to invest in a battery-powered String Winder...

I would like to have seen the plains wound up so quickly, not sure my two old Martins would be so simple. The through holes in the posts don't lend themselves well to holding string end position when winding...a loop of some sort is always needed.


Well, here is the concept, more crimp anchor types now on order...these were a trial, a little too small.

So, you pass a string through the peghead hole and leave yourself the right amount of pegwrap length, attach an anchor...then snip the excess off, then seat the tail Barrel bushing into the bridge pin hole with a bridgepin...wind up with normal tension as you would otherwise.

No need for monkeying around within the confines of the slot...trying to loop and twist, etc.

I tried using those little Barrel ends off an old set of strings, which for economy would have been great, too fragile... cannot take the crimp.


Excellent idea. ID the winning slugs?


Malin Single Barrel sleeve .071 40-60lb.

MS5B-50, 50 pcs. per pack

Any Walmart/Bass Pro/etc. Fishing Department or just as easy On-Line.

I figure it can take up to .056 wounds...

Next string change I'll give it a go.


Great idea, the adjustable lead to allow for whatever amount of wrap the player desires. Much better than pre-attached.


Well, one of my herd that needs 3 hands to change strings had the test today. The Byrd tailpiece allows the barrel end to fall free...a bit of a challenge, but not the same as the Martin Slotters.

So far, so good. Easy, positive, ... let's see if anything goes goofy once full tension and time deals a curve ball.

The plains needed a good, definitive, crimp...the others seemed happy throughout. You can see with the TI Swings I did crimp over the silk wrap.

It could be prettier, special tool, fancy barrel bead, but, one step at a time!


Yes, if it weren't for Fishermen....they seem to have figured everything out!


The best aid ever for stringing guitars is the string winder. Now, they even have motorized ones! It's much easier now just because of a silly $5 crank. Really annoying string changes? Floyd Rose setups where you have to cut the ball end off.

If the fishing gear helps, great. I appreciate inexpensive ingenious solutions to problems.


Yup; The Haywire twist tool works great for wire fishing leaders, never thought to try it for guitar. Great idea Mr. Hammer hands.


Cool. Ill try this with my old Martin slot head 12 string. Always a major pain to change.


G9521 Slot Head Style 2 Triple-O

Anybody see one at NAMM?

Is this the Indonesian factory?


I wonder if you could snip it in a way that the bare wire end wouldn't jab you anymore.

And why is it they always go up under a nail or something similarly painful?


I bled taking the old set off...part of being a guitarist.

I could snip closer, but I needed to be sure I had a good crimp.


Yesterday and Today was the 12-er's turn...what a monster.

My fingers are too big, even my hand winder is a chore.

Battery-Powered here I come...


What is it you find difficult about changing strings? I don't understand.


The 12er has really tight spacing, just harder to get the change done, and done well.

I want a more positive anchor at the Tuning Peg than the conventional loop and under...

Doing the Slot Head 6 was a pleasure!

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