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Silverjet Trussrod


I've decided to bring my '99 Silverjet back to life. It needs a new output jack so I ordered one, now waiting for it to arrive. The guitar was very dirty, it was my favourite for a couple of years of gigging but never got to clean it. I took the strings off to clean the crud of the fretboard, man that was pretty gross. One thing leads to another and I figured it would be a good idea to do some fret levelling. I also noticed the nut which apears to be cut with a triangular file without rounding off the bottom where the strings sit. I'm gonna try to improve that or make a new bone nut.

Now I need to adjust the trussrod but I don't have a fitting hex key, at least can't seem to find one. I'll need to order online since I'm living in metric-system land.

What size key would most likely fit here? It's 1999 Gretsch Silverjet 6129T-57

Thanks in advance!


Hi Mike. I wonder you don't find the right one since I thought Japan has the metric system too. Don't you have a 6120-60? Is it pre-FMIC? What trussrod key does that need?


Hey Sascha, thanks I didn't think of that. Though I went through all my guitar cases and tool drawers and all I could find were different kind of trussrod keys.

Here's my (1996) 6120-60, and it seems all my other Gretsches have this kind of trussrod.

I did find one loose hex key which seemed it might fit, but I had too cut a piece off to get it in the trussrod. This one is 5mm and it wiggles so it needs to be a bit bigger than that.


That's weird. I just measured the key I use for my Fenders (incl. a MIJ) and it's 5mm.


Strange! I think I need either a 5,5mm maybe even 6mm OR 7/32inch. Difficult to tell, there's not enough room for any of my measuring devices.

Typical, the one guitar I have my mind set on fixing up is different than the rest.


You'll end up making one that fits perfectly (from a larger key probably) anyway as I know you.


You'll end up making one that fits perfectly (from a larger key probably) anyway as I know you.

– sascha

Haha, I should have read that before I drove off to the hardware store... That indeed sounds like something I would do. Oh well, I found some hex keys in the local hardware store which should fit. Although I'll have to cut a piece off to get it into the trussrod cavity.

One of these will have to work, if not I'll take the files out!


Okay... That didn't work... I tried the 5,5mm key and it was too big which automatically means that the 7/32inch (5.5563mm) would also not fit. So I took out my needle files and and made the 5,5mm a bit smaller. Which now is very close to 5mm, that figures. So the trussrod is probably a 5mm. My original 5mm hex key measures 4,95mm which make it a very loose fit in the rod. Lost an entire day with these shenanigans. Oh well, my modded key is a tighter fit and now I'm able to adjust the trussrod. On with the project!

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