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Finally got some tome today to spend on getting some fret buzz out of the neck on my G5422. Form the 1st to 5th fret, E,A,D it was getting lots some buzz. I did a check and sure enough it needed a bit of relief. I gave it a few short turns and that did the trick and the lower registers sounds great now.

But... the action around the 12th and up is a bit higher now. I lowered them TOM a bit using the thumb wheel, but it's still a touch high. I'm worried it i lower it moew the lower will start buzzing again. I'm not going for super low action, i don't like it too low. But I'd like it to be more even across the neck.

Any advice? I don't want to take in to a shop, i need to learn this for myself, just like i can on my Stratocaster.

Thank you!


I say lower the bridge until it buzzes, then raise it just a smidge..

For a more general guide, see Mal's big guide here. Also the Fender website has a really good guide with suggested measurements and more, which applies to more than just Fenders.

Fundamentally the geometry is much the same as your Strat, even if the adjustment techniques are slightly different. The biggest difference is the length of the truss rod, but even that doesn't change the process too much.


LIke Otter said Easy to adjust the bridge up and down, so do it! You gave the neck more relief now adjust your bridge accordingly I use heavier strings but i like to end up with around 2.2-2.5 mm between the low E and the 12th fret/ Maybe around 1.8 at the same spot for the high E

test your relief by fretting the first fret (or put a capo on it) With your other hand fret the 14th fret and reach over and tap the low E over the 7th fret. I should move a little but there shouldn't be a large gap


That's very good advice from both of those guys. Take measurements and make documentation of your guitar's current state before you get started. You can always get back to where you started if you do this.You can always undo what you've done. Have fun!! It's just part of being a picker.


Thanks for the info, pretty much what i was looking for / expecting. I was concerned thinking there may be more to it. I guess i was over thinking it.

Ok, well I'm good to go! I'll get it the way i want it :)



I'm in exactly the same boat Chris. I put lighter gauge strings on my 5422 after I bought it (10s) and I've been trying to get the right balance of neck relief and string height. I think I have the relief set right (according to the prescribed method - holding down 1st fret and last fret and measuring at the 8th fret) but was still getting some buzzing, seemingly at the 5th - 7th frets.

I think it just takes a certain amount of trial and error and getting a feel for it. It's like cooking, I think. At first, you follow the "recipe" (instructions) and then you learn to "season to taste."


It sounds like you have too much relief. Put a finger on the first fret and with the other hand fret where neck meets the body then check your gap between the top of the fret and the bottom of the string. It should be less than a playing card. If you have more you're going to fret out around the 13th fret.

You should be able to bend a string 2 steps on any fret.


Well what a difference a good set up makes. the biggest issue was the neck relief. then i got the stings where i wanted them, now it's sounds great! not only did i resolve the sting buzz, but it improved the overall sound. it's more lively and less boomy. very nice surprise indeed


For laughs and maybe a helpful data point for other home-brew adjusters, can you fret the high and low E strings at the first feet and at the 14th fret then observe the distance each E string is above the 7th fret?

Is this distance more than the diameter of the B string, or is it less?


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