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Rewiring a Tele: potentiometer query


I'm about to rewire my knockabout Tele Partscaster using a minihumbucker (not a Firebird pickup) at the neck and a standard Tele bridge pickup. So, 250k or 500k pots? I'm thinking that the 250k will be fine for the bridge but deaden the minihum, whereas the 500k will be fine for the minihum but too bright for the bridge pickup. At the moment I'm leaning towards 500K — when selecting the bridge pickup I'll just have to be quick to knock back the tone knob. The other option is to buy a darker bridge pickup, although I do rather like the one I've got.


I would go with 500K. You may not even have to go to your tone knob. I thought I may have a similar issue when I changed out the 500K pots in my Dynasonic Duo Jet with 1 megs but the bridge pickup also sounds fuller.


Cheers and thanks, BH. I'll go the 500k route. The guitar is pictured in my avatar. The minihum (a Wilkinson, which I like) is already there but the bridge pickup, a cheap thing of unknown parentage, will be replaced with a Duncan.

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