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Replacing Gretsch Strap buttons with Schaller Straplocks?


Will it work? Is there enough wood in there? The guitar is a 2011 Silver Falcon...


Yes. It will work, lots of wood in there.


If the screw doesn't fit the hole, just plug them with some PVA glue and a toothpick, then redrill to suit the Schaller screw. Bung in the screw and bobs your uncle, job done!


I've put Schallers on my 6120DSW and my HOF 6122-1959 with no problems.


For me the Gretsch strap pins work great and look better.


I have them on several of mine. I like the Gretsch look better as well, Bob.


I've installed Schaller strap locks on several dozen Gretsches, including all of mine. Plenty of wood there on every model I've seen, including Black, White, and Silver Falcons.


I have them on two Electromatics and plan on getting more.


Got 'em on three of my guitars. I've had the Gretsch knobs come of at the most inopportune times, so Straplocks are like an insurance policy.


FWIW IME the Schaller strap button has exactly the same thread as the Gretsch strap button. I prefer the Gretsch myself. I ordered some straps with just a hole, no cut, so the strap can't slip off. I've also made my own straps by buying a strip of leather from a leather shop and drilling (!) a hole at each end. I reckon Gretsch should sell, as an option, traditional strap buttons with a wider circumference at the body end so that even straps with the regular hole and cut can't slip off. I'd buy 'em.


I had a strap made like that (with just a hole) for a 6120. Worked like a charm.

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