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Replacement tuner for G5715 lap steel?


My brand-new G5715 lap steel got knocked over and the stem on one of the tuners snapped. Any idea where I can get a replacement, or what type of tuner I should be looking for? Hopefully, I can swap out the tuning key if the replacement isn't an exact match. I am so bummed this happened!


If it's hard to replace you could consider an entire upgraded set?


Sure — I think that's going to be how I have to go, anyway. I spent a bunch of time on the phone with the support rep at Gretsch, and he said that unfortunately, they don't have visibility into the components of the Chinese-made instruments. Does anyone have the ability to take the measurements I need for a replacement set? I don't have calipers. There are a lot of tuners out there that look like they might work, but none with the cool buttons found on the G5715.


Hey... good news. Found compatible tuners at https://www.guitarpartsfact.... I spoke with Jessica at length and she knew just the right part to send. They're in the mail. I might even be able to swap out the buttons.

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