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Replacement buttons for stock Gretsch-branded Gotoh SG360 tuners ?



I own a 2016 Power Jet with stock Gotoh locking tuners (Gretsch-branded Gotoh SG360), the same ones currently mounted on the Broadkaster line. Wonderful tuners, but I would like to replace their "Sperzel style" concave trapezoid buttons by some more "classic" oval buttons that, I think, would visually fit better to a 50s style instrument.

Gotoh part code for oval chrome replacement buttons for these tuners is 05.

The only problem is that I can not find this part anywhere, even on the US web stores. Resellers and web stores have many other Gotoh replacement button models compliant with the SG360 tuner, but not this one (05 small oval, chrome).

I can find some chinese parts, said to be compliant with Gotoh and other tuner manufacturers, but I guess the quality and finish quality is a lot lower than Gotoh's. And I only want Gotoh original parts.

Please, can you help and provide a source to get these part ?

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