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Repairing Tone Switch


My new to me 2003 6117 definitely needs some work. Every switch and pot crackles so I’m going to start with contact cleaner on all those little electronic bits.

A weirder thing is that the screw-on tip of the tone switch has been glued in place. This wouldn’t bother me except that it’s not screwed on all the way so it really sticks out.

Any tips on getting this unstuck?


You could try heating the switch tip up with a soldering iron to soften any glue.


You could try heating the switch tip up with a soldering iron to soften any glue.

– Mr Tubs

That would be my recommendation too (thank you Mr. Tubs). Even super glue and epoxy will soften with the application of spot heat. The switch contacts are very far removed from the tip, so you can get it pretty hot without warping the contact armatures. Use discretion, and apply only as much heat as necessary to soften the glue.

You will obviously need to remove the old glue from the tip and shaft threads. If super glue had been used, acetone will remove it completely. Hopefully it was either super glue or a water soluble wood glue as they can more easily reversed. Other types of hard glue (like epoxy) will probably need to be chipped out with some kind of of pick. Good luck, let us know if you get it off, and how you did it.


You'll remove the switch first, right? (Don't want to picture a heat gun, soldering iron or acetone anywhere near the body.) Once removed, you can also first try steam from a hot water kettle to soften things, protecting everything other then the tip.


When you do try and remove the switch tip, after applying heat or acetone etc try and screw it on tighter first. It will break the bonds of the glue. Then unscrew it.


Thank you all for the advice. I was thinking of trying a soldering iron but wasn’t sure. Of course I hadn’t thought to take the switch out first - seems obvious now!


Update: I feel quite foolish. Before getting out the soldering iron, I tried once more to get the tip off manually. With some elbow grease it came off!

I think there’s another issue at play here. The knob on the other switch goes on nicely on either switch. The problematic knob only goes about 1/3 of the way onto either switch and then gets stuck as it was before.

I’m guessing this might be a replacement tip of the wrong threading?


Anything stuck inside there? Use a toothpick for a depth gauge? If yes, try a small drill bit it clean it out. Or it could be the wrong threading (if it is, not sure it would make it 1/3 of the way, but maybe.)


Use WD-40 on noisy pots & switches!

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