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Removing poly sprayed over nitro


Several years ago I bought a '66 6119 that had been modded; cut up for Filters, replacement Grovers, newer bar bridge, etc. It was priced appropriately and I was really hoping the Filters were old but they were ceramic reissues. Anyway, somewhere in its life someone decided to overspray poly on just the top - I assume it's poly because of the way it looks and the fact that it isn't sticking to the lacquer too well. I had put a small piece of thin clear pick-guard material between the legs of the bridge to keep it from moving when bending, and when I went to readjust it, it pulled off the poly(?) leaving the original lacquer underneath. It's hidden by the bridge so I never bothered with it.

Now that we're quarantined I'm thinking getting that poly off would be a great project, but other than than doing a Brazilian wax sort of thing of putting on strips of tape and ripping them off hoping it takes finish with it I can't think of anyway to get it off without destroying the original finish underneath.

Any thoughts?


It was sprayed before I got it how would I tell the difference between polyester and polyurethane?

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