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Duesenberg Les Trem II Gibson ES335 Short Video Demo


Posted here for my friends who won't go over there to the GT. I am Bi-Gretsch love them both.

Short to the point made demo because I really like this product. For those of you that wanted more of a video all about me, me, me, me,see below.

  1. My apologies for not playing my guitar for at least 15 minutes over a recorded backing track so you can see just how great a player I am. :)
  2. My apologies for not having a studio quality recording while I play my guitar for 15 minutes.
  3. My apologies for not telling you anything about the product and only showing you my great chops. :)

Hey, another thing Duesenberg "adapted"! Looks a lot like the old Bown Handle from the 70's

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