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Press Fit Tuning Peg Bushings


I especially like the 26" scale, makes the plain 3rd really sound great. And the neck is this long, consistent, full C...very easy on the hand in any position.


Man, those are cool guitars. How do they sound?


Barney is the real deal, a 1959, with the P-35 Kleenex boxes. Clean and spanky single coil tone, shorter scale, quasi LP quasi Byrd fretting...low and flat and medium wide. A time capsule.

Roger the Reissue has the blades, a bit darker style pickup most would say, but no reason to think they aren't a good copy of 1952. It is a mellowed tone. I like the "built upside down" analogy...the next Kay pickup design was the "speed bump", basically an invert of the blade...but a lot brighter as it gets the magnet up next to the strings.

I really like the scale length and the consistency of the C down the neck. The chambered body has a really nice resonance.

I thought you had bought a Thin Twin Reissue when they first came out?


Nice work! Very helpful thread. I'm in the proces of fitting new tuners with bigger bushings on an old acoustic.

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