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Pick guard shapes

Photobucket I know I am missing The Bo, and I've made some recently. I'll have to add it to my images here. But what else am I missing? Some of these shapes overlap different models and years. I know I've done a DE shape for Scott and I imagine it is the same shape as a KS etc. I've done a RHH recently too, but it is the same as the 6120. There are just to darn many!
Don't forget the custom job you did for my pre-FMIC Electromatic 16XX Sparklejet! Remember the one with the hole for the master vol. knob?
setzer do you have a website? id like to see what you can do with scratchplates, i got some ideas
Well I considered that a one-off really cool custom! I've made three of those and yours was the first Tart. I'm thinking here in lines with what is offered stock. dman 6136 would be like the 6120 and sometimes like the Club correct? xraycat, click on my avatar and there is a link to my photobucket site....oh shucks here you go: Setzer's custom pick guard jon 6131 would be like the 6128, depends on the year and pickups. Thanks for the responces guys. I'll add more as I make templates and route out some blanks.
So can you make me a pickguard for a Ovation Deacon?? Lots of multiple compound curves on this one! Just kidding... You could probably make a pickguard for just about anything out there. By the way Paul, I still haven't forgotten about that BO pickguard! It's on my "to do" list for my upcoming winter guitar projects! Will contact you soon. Nice work as always!
Thanks TP. Curves aren't the problem for me. It's getting the bevel looking good. I need to invest in one of the StewMac router bevel bits for layered guard work. I just updated the photo with the Bo and some others. One I've made and forgot about is the Twist/Corvette model. Speaking of Ovations...I'm getting ready to sell a pair of DeArmondish Thunderhead Storm series pickups here on the GDP.
I'd think so. If you want I can trace mine and send you the drawing.
That would be great! Thank you.
Will do. Just give me a week or two. I'm right deep into packing and gearing up for the move tomorrow. Likely won't have time till then.
No rush. Have a safe move and congrats on the house!
Hey Paul! My outline of the Atkins Super Axe is on the way for you. Dave
Thanks Dave! I should have one from a '79 Club somewhere. More Baldwin the better.
Guys, I just received my left handed custom pickguard and truss rod cover with my initials from a guy in Taiwan. I found him on ebay. Here are some pics: Be aware, it is a righty instrument turned to be a lefty - well almost.

Some more shapes added: A Annie Jr. Corvette Hollowbody. Baldwin Era 6120(fits Club, Falcon etc.)



I didn't see one for the 7593 or 7594 series Falcons.


Hey Hermitt, the Falcon is the same pattern as the 6120s, even the Baldwin style.


oh, ok.

So if I wanted to change my baldwin style to the more traditional, with the pup notches, that is screwed directly to the body and no brackets, which would be the one that fits the best? The 6122?


Nice additions, Paul.


Thanks Andy!

Hermitt, any of the 6120 styles would work. You'd need to add a pickguard bracket and drill a hole on the side for it though. You want to do that to your old guitar?

Here is another shape added today. It's the 6128 Duo Jet "Tenor". It is slightly larger than the 6118 Annie Jr. guard:


Hermitt, any of the 6120 styles would work. You'd need to add a pickguard bracket and drill a hole on the side for it though. You want to do that to your old guitar?

No. I couldn't even concieve of drilling a hole in the side for a bracket. I like the cleaner look of no bracket. This pg doesn't really bother me. I've taken it off a few times, but always end up putting it back on to protect the top. I think the only thing that I would ever do to this one would be to put a set of dynas in it. But I'm not sure how that would work out since this body only has a soundpost and the waffle bracing.


do you have anything for the 5120/22 crowd that's added filtertrons? given the pickup spacing is different to standard 6120s ect


hey slapshot I cut each guard to fit a particular if it's a 5120 with Filters I try to get it as close as possible with a little adjustment room cause not everybody installs them in the exact same spot. I always request a pattern or a scan.

Hermitt, I can make any of the 6120 style guards with the baldwin screw setup. Just would need a trace of your stocker!


Some new shapes added; Two Ramblers, thanks James and a Rancher, Thanks John!

Photobucket Photobucket

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