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Nut Slot Files


I've been using an old cheap set of needle files. I think its time to get something better. Been looking at these

Any other recommendations?


Yeah, I just got a .10 of these. I'll get the others when I need 'em. Way better than needle files or sandpaper wrapped round an old string. These flex a bit, which I did not expect; I wonder if there exist non-flex as I think that would be easier to use.


I picked out a few various values in those files. They're especially handy for the plain strings but It can't hurt to use a slightly bigger file than the string size. For example using a .020 is cool for a .017 G string.

These ones don't flex. They are thicker along the centre line and tapered towards the cutting edges so are easier to use.


Hosco makes a good set. I got mine at Philadelphia Luthier Supply for a decent price. These have no flex in them and come in a plastic carrying pouch. Very ergonomic handle. It’s my first set so I can’t compare them to anything, but they’re really doing a fine job. https://www.philadelphialut...


The ones I've been using for the last decade or so are the same Hosco files that Troy6120 uses.

They're the only ones I've ever had, they are still in great shape and I've never considered upgrading.

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