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Nut for G9241 Resonator?


I just bought my first resonator, a G9241. Unfortunately, the slotting of the nut is off. The high E is right on the edge of the neck and slips off when depressed. The low E is well onto the fretboard. I emailed Gretsch, and they said to have a local luthier replace the nut (not the service I expected for a brand new guitar). I can replace the nut myself, but I need to know the size. I emailed Gretsch service for that and they said all they can find is that it's 1 3/4"! (again, NOT the type service I would expect from a major player like Gretsch). In any case, at this point, I'll just buy my own nut and replace. Would anyone know the specs of the original nut? thx


I picked up a G9201 resonator and the bridge was also off. Took it apart and the stock cone where the bridge rests was misshapen. Looked like a manufacturing flaw. The bridge had been sanded to accommodate the slant. Not sure if it came from the factory like that as I bought it second hand.

Since I got it pretty cheap I just upgraded to a National Hot Rod cone, which comes with a new bridge.

Might want to inspect the cone. There might lie the problem.


Good info. Thanks!


Quick question: is the nut glued (and should a replacement be glued) or is it held in place only be the strings and the trussrod coverplate?

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