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Or: "new router table and compound mitre saw day".

Actually I got myself a beautiful Makita compound mitre saw a couple of weeks ago when I had to do some skirting boards for the house - and it's something I have always wanted! Then today I got a Kreg router table . With these I intend to start making my own finger-jointed solid pine amp cabinets - and may build some 18mm ply cabs too if all goes well.


I love building things and lack of tools has long been an issue for me - as well as somewhere to put them. But I use my photography studio less and less as work disappears, and the work I have is more and more on site. So why not make my studio more of a workshop? My wife and I always planned that it would one day - and that day may be sooner than we planned. I can't wait to make a finger-joint jig to use with this router table.


Nice acquisitions, Jimmy! Is that a 10" or 12" miter saw? Either way, a very useful tool. I always thought a sliding miter saw would be nice to have myself. Maybe some day. Nice router table as well.
Funny, woodworking is something I was really hoping to get back to doing more of in my retirement. Just hasn't happened yet, but hopefully will sometime soon. Nothing like new tools! Enjoy!


Cheers Metman! The saw is a 10" - with the slide it still cuts over 12" wide boards and the blades are cheaper than a 12" blade. I bought a cheap shop-vac with the saw and there's much less dust now - I'm looking forward to trying the router with dust extraction because they can make a huge mess.

First thing I plan to build is a 2x10 cab for my old tweed Twin 5E8-A. I built the amp quite a few years ago and it was housed in a Mojo cab until last year when I sold a Bassman clone in that cab. Then I have a tweed Vibrolux which needs a cab...

I will update as things get done.


In the past 35 years I’ve worn out numerous miter saws. My last two have been Hitachi saws. When I needed a new saw I bought another Hitachi and returned it immediately. The quality seemed to have declined in the newer saws. Ultimately, I chose the same saw as you did after comparing everything at a contractor supply house. This is a wonderful tool. I use mine constantly and feel like I should get another one before they “improve” the model.

Look at the Porter-Cable Omni Jig for finger joints.


Nice stuff Jimmy. Congrats.


Question for you, Powdog:

Do you find finger joints more sturdy than dovetail, or is it just a matter of personal preference?


Nice tools! I'm also in the middle of gathering tools to get something of a workshop going, but I'm on a rather tight budget. I'm also struggling with the small space I have and trying to make tools somewhat mobile/exchangeable. I'd love to have a workspace large enough to have a place for all the tools but that's not happening soon. I'm getting ready for my first scratch built guitar, so that's what the tools are for but they'll also be used for much needed work around the house. I'll get to that when the guitar project is well on it's way... At the moment I'm building a router table out of an Ikea table.

Any new-tool-day is a great day! Looking forward to seeing your during-the-build pics!


Looks like fun! Can't wait to see some cabinets


Love new shop tools. I've replaced most of the one Drew's dad took when Ihad him leave. But, I couldn't justify replacing the router. I always get a charge from repairman who ask if I have x tool and then i take them to my tables & cabinet. One actually asked how i learned to use them all. I told him my mother & grandmothers taught me to sew--same concept, just different media, cloth vs. wood.


You go girl! I have to say I'm impressed with some of the women on youtube who are building some very cool stuff and have way better workshops than I do! There's a Portuguese woman in Porto who is building an apartment interior on her own and she is doing an incredible job. Great skills. I think her channel is called Get Hands Dirty. One of the things I like is that she films herself working away and apparently shows the occasional butt crack, which she covers with a smiley face for modesty. Makes me laugh.

And the person who sold me my router table yesterday was a young woman who was very knowledgeable about routers in general. It's so much better than the old days when you would buy hardware from an old cranky guy who was a know-it-all.

Anyway I am both a reaction to my own father and a continuation of a family tradition. My dad and his dad used to spend a lot of time building things out of timber. But my dad would buy the cheapest tools and timber and never wear hearing protection. I don't buy Festool but I do buy decent quality and I definitely use hearing protection. And I am so proud that my son is pretty handy when it comes to woodworking. He built his own side table for his bedroom while at high school and it's very well built indeed. He still uses my tools for his uni projects making architectural models and things. I am trying to outfit him with tools so he doesn't keep borrowing mine but it gets expensive!

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