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Neutrik/SpeakON connectors and 12 gauge stranded wire


I see these connectors on higher wattage SS Bass heads, usually the Euro designed ones, but none the less at what power levels do any of you start using more purpose built higher wattage cabling?


I worked with high wattage industrial sound gear. For most of our musician needs, 18 gauge is as light as I'd go. For something like a 300 watt Ampeg SVT I'd consider 12 gauge. Switchcraft plugs and jacks are fine.

I've repaired/replaced too many plastic connectors to trust them if others are handling them. It's easier to break plastic than metal. Neutrick/Speakon are a lot more expensive, too. They work well, but, they can be damaged.

To me, a lot of the fancy cable & connector hype is just that. Belden wire and Switchcraft connectors are fine.


300W into a single speaker seems to be the demarcation point...

However trendy or cool, the Neutrik concept was to easily identify power versus signal cords, making the connector ends beefy and locking. Most seem to then be 12 gauge wire, too.

I don't need 300W, but my new Bass speaker can handle it, and when I look at a dedicated Bass Amp Head there are a couple in that 300-350W range that are curious.

If I buy, I'll most likely stay at about 200W with a Balanced Line Out. I have a 40W SS Power Amp Head right now with the LR Baggs for Tone and Controls. It has a Balanced Line Out, too. It lacks features, very basic.

It suits most of my needs but I have GAS at the moment. I play Bass like Lead Guitar, I never play guitar but for chords and runs. It's been fun slowly working up my Bass gear.


If the had isn't more than 15 feet from the speaker, don't worry about it.


More so the need to buy a SpeakON to 1/4" accessory cable...some of those heads only have the female Neutrik.


GK MB200 on order with the necessary SpeakON Cable to mate to my Extension Cab with the Eminence CA154.

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