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Survival Heroes: Perfect combo of Moba and Battle Royale game

Survival Heroes is known as a perfect combo of Moba and Battle Royale game, promising to bring a revolution to the mobile gaming industry.

Survival Heroes is an extremely unique game released by Snail Games. This game has made a bold breakthrough when combining the two hottest game genres today - Moba game and Battle Royale game. That is why Survival Heroes has been successful since before its official release. This game has received more than one million pre-registrations while the developer offers a beta version on Google Play. Visit our Apk android at top1apk to find more games and enjoy!

Moba and Battle Royale game - 2-in-one

If you are a fan of both Moba games and survival games, Survival Heroes is a perfect choice. Like other survival games, in the beginning, players will be parachuted into a large area, where the survival battle between you and other players takes place. The last player or team staying alive in the game will become the winner that is too familiar if you have played some survival games. So, what about Moba elements? They are clearly shown in its game mechanism. With Survival Heroes, you will not be a soldier but a warrior who have to collect weapons to fight against the enemy. Also, Survival Heroes has added some new features such as level, gold, etc that gives players a familiar feeling as if they are playing Moba titles but still retain the main task of a survival game.

Collect equipment

As everyone knows, looting equipment is one of the distinctive features of survival games. In terms of this, Survival Heroes retains that traditional feature. However, the weapons system in Survival Heroes will be built like Moba games. The items will give us additional stats on armor, damage or blood. You can collect equipment by finding chests placed in the buildings or defeating the other player to get items they drop off.

A game requires you to have skills, tactics, and teamwork

Personal skills, tactics, and teamwork are the 3 main factors that help players win this game. If you are an experienced player, you already have a 60% chance of winning. For experienced gamers of the Moba genre, they will be like a master of Survival Heroes just because the auxiliary items for players are very powerful. We can completely use the additional abilities like speed, immortality, invisibility, and more in a battle.

In term of strategy, Survival Heroes requires players to have clever tactics if they want to win the enemy. The new weapons are not only diverse but also divided into many different types. Like other MOBA games, guns, bows, and crossbows will be weapons for the gunner while swords, hammers help players dodge. It is important to set up a comprehensive offensive-defensive squad, especially if you play the team mode. Read more games and apps for Android, please visit our APK store - top1apk.

Some tips to play Survival Heroes

Types of chests in the game

The first is the types of chests in the game. To get equipment, the player has to loot items in the buildings. However, items normally available will be raw items. To get high-class equipment, we need to open the chests. In Survival Heroes, there are a total of 6 types of chests including Woody Chest, Mystery Chest, Silver Chest, Renown Magic Chest, Royal Chest, and Supply Chest.

These types of chests are divided according to the level of equipment attributes that we will receive when opening them. Usually, the types of chests will appear randomly on the map, we can freely open them. However, with the Royal Chest alone, we need a key to open it. And the key can be picked up in buildings. The Renown Magic Chest allows the player to open it three times in a row.

Weapon system

There are three types of weapons in the game; melee, magic, and long range. Melee weapons are clubs, pans, axes, and more. Long range weapons include bows, crossbows, etc and magic weapons are elemental spheres, thunder agents, wands and many other things. All of these weapons have different active and passive skills. On the main screen of the game, at the bottom left, touch the arsenal option. This will take you to the weapons menu where you can check out the list of featured weapons in the Survival Heroes game. If you want to try weapons, then select it and click on the training camp option. Just below the training camp option, touch the weapon's skill icon to check the skill details. A weapon with three active skills and passive skills.


Scout is a unique and extremely effective feature in Survival Heroes. However, many people forget to use it, especially the newbies. With Scout, we can detect the exact location of the nearest enemy general on the map. It also displays the stats and equipment of the target that is very useful for checking the map and controlling the view.

However, it is not always possible to use Scout to illuminate the opponent. If the enemy is in a sitting position and hiding, Scout will seem useless in this situation. Besides, if the opponent uses invisibility accessories, Scout doesn't work either. In addition, if there are no competitors in the Scout's range, we cannot detect anything further.

Goblin Mortar can upgrade itself over time

Mortar is auxiliary equipment in Survival Heroes shaped like a cannon. This tailstock can be used to attack an opponent whenever the opponent enters its range. The power of Goblin Mortar can even increase after every upgrade. The upgrade process is relatively simple, just need to exist long enough, Goblin Mortar will automatically upgrade. After each upgrade, the gun's power will be increased, which can damage and stun the target. However, this item is only collected from the Supply Chest. Moreover, on a team, we can only bring in a Goblin Mortar. So, using Goblin Mortar is smart, especially at the end of the battle.

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Post a picture and let us see and maybe someone can help. Go to a guitar shop and have someone find you a pick of the same thickness.


I switched over to heavy picks years ago and My Life Was Irrevocably Changed For The Better. O


I switched over to heavy/extra heavy picks when I started playing a Rickenbacker 12-string. I gave me much more control over those close courses of strings. Instead of switching picks for my 6-strings, I just continued with the heavies and never looked back.


I started off using thin, flappy picks. Someone gave me a heavy tortoise shell pick decades ago and I was convinced. Much more control and no flappy sounds when playing acoustic.


Heavy (1 to 2 mm) have been my choice for many years now... Anything less feels like a wet potato chip, and anything more feels like one of those fat kindergarten crayons...


To be of any more help, Lissandragaren3, we do need a picture of the pick you're looking for. A pic of the pick, if you will.

I know how it is to stumble into the greatest pick ever and not know what it is. I went through that several years ago, and was able to find it with the help of the good people here on the GDP.

But I posted a picture of it!

As for the general discussion, I'm also a heavy picker. A rake-it-with-a-bricker. I converted 40 years ago when I started using picks milled out of agate. I've used various such gemstone/glass picks, buffalo horn, mastodon and wooly mammoth horn (I'm not making this up), picks shaped from seashell, brass, aluminum, stainless...basically anything to be different.

A guy on Reverb sells picks made from various hardwoods. I'll probably order a selection so I can continue to be different.

In point of fact, I have a real preference for real tortoiseshell. I got a batch in the Bahamas years ago and smuggled them into the country on the cruise ship. I think the statute of limitations has expired, and I've gotten over my guilt for exploiting the tortoise. (Surely they die anyway and have no further use of their mortal mobile homes.) But only very thick tortoise shell. And they wear rather faster than one might like. If you've never used real tortoise's an experience worth having. There's a reason they were the gold standard before nitrocellulose came along.

(For more pick entertainment, raise your hand if you've ever put an old nitro-celluloid pick on top of an incandescent lightbulb and watched it burst into flames. Great fun for the whole family!)

But most of the time I just use blue Dunlop Tortex. 1mm, I think; anything heavier than that doesn't really flex at all, so it's a matter of how numb your fingers are and how thick a thing they need to hold onto.

Tartan Phantom uses the real he-man heavies because he plays celtic acoustic music and it's hard to keep up with bagpipes. Also, when you show up to gigs in Tennessee wearing a skirt you better either be a girl or have sturdy self-defense picks. “Aye’ll scratch yer eyes oot, laddie.”

The mystery pick the GDP helped me identify is made by D'Andrea, I think. It's relatively rare, very thick, an elongated teardrop with nicely rounded edges. They give a fat, round tone. I used to think it helped me play more accurately, but I finally realized playing with something that gives me more plausible excuses might be better. "I coulda pulled that lick off with a better pick." You see how that might work.

Anyway, they're hard to find. I had to order a couple dozen, and you pretty much can't wear them out. I still haven't lost them all. I don't always play with them, but they're like my lucky charm picks. Or security-blanket picks. I must always have some around.

AnyWAY, I digress. Show us a picture and I bet we can name your pick.


I started with thin and used these until recently. Now I use a medium. I don’t like heavy because I need something that I can feel the vibrations of the strings which thick doesn’t allow for.

But on rare occasion when I want thick I’ll use a US Government issue pick and it only cost a quarter unless it’s vintage silver. One like this


Green tortex triangles please

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