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ONE guitar, amp, and pedal for ONE YEAR


If you had to strip your rig down to one guitar, one amp and maybe 1-3 pedals FOR A WHOLE YEAR what would they be?

I like most of you I own a lot of guitars, amps, and pedals. But I'm stuck in an apartment with my family while my house is restored (about a year) and don't have room for anything but the above. After a lot of thought--which was fun in a way--I am kind of surprised by what I chose as my only gear for a year while the rest is in temp and humidity controlled storage.


What do you need a pedal for?

Back in the day I'd say a Silverface Princeton Reverb and a Les Paul Custom...I did that for many years...in an apartment, gigged it all over SE Wisconsin.


5124 bone stock and my Kustom Coupe '36, don't need anything else, but it's always fun to have options.


My trusty Fender Hot Rod Deville amp with my G5191BK, tuner, because I don't have perfect pitch, and my Dyno Brain


In a perfect world: A late '50s Gretsch Firebird Jet w/ Filtertrons and Bigsby plus a 1963 brownface Fender Vibroverb. That might do it for a while.

I don't own anything of those, btw. ;)


My 99' Hotrod 6120SHATV, my Atomic Brain preamp & an amp that isnt finished based on the blondeshell but has analog delay and tremelo :)


My 6118, my cheap and small ,VOX solid state modeling amp with the built in effects , and my headphones. I play to my hearts content and dont bother a soul. Thats the set up I have in my bedroom.


My 5420 and a Fender Blues Deluxe amp. No pedals as I usually play just with the amp and it's limited effects anyway.


Hate to admit it, but it would be my 335, my Fender Twinolux and my Maxon CP9 Pro+ compressor...


CS Fender Esquire, Goodsell Super 17, Timmy


My VibroChamp, reverb tank, and either my 6120LTV or '52RI Tele.......give me 5 minutes on the guitars, and I could pick a winner! lol


Of the gear I have now . . . Newark St Guild X-175B, '68 Super Reverb, EP Booster.


It would be my '71 Tele and my 1960 Tweed Deluxe. And if I can take one pedal it would be the Drive Thru

Not really shocking because that is what I have been using for a while now..... ; )
Sorry I only have a picture with the '59 Junior on there too....


This fun question is kind of like the previous thread asking which guitar you'd grab if your place caught on fire. Your question Jack, is fun because it's a reality for you and unlike the other scenario, you have time to think about your choices.

For me, the choice would be very tough as I love all my guitars - 7 of them - and my amps - 3 for electric and 2 for acoustic - but it would be my '72 Super Chet and my Gretsch Executive. I don't need or use pedals so I don't have to make any choice in that regard.

If the choice was between acoustics - 3 of them - it would be a slam dunk with my pick being my '78 Eko E85, a rare model as it has a set in neck, not a bolt on as 99% of Eko's come with. This guitar comes with a 1.75" wide neck at the nut plus my many mods. Years back I had the frets removed and the fingerboard sanded a bit to flatten the radius a bit more; had the neck reset then thinned and the profile V'd to my tastes & small frets re-installed; bone nut cut to my spacing specs; adjustable bridge replaced with a fixed, bone one and topped off with a set of gold Grover Imperial Stairsteps. Oh, this guitar came with astonishingly ugly double pickguards ala the Everly Bros style which I removed years back and hasn't had a pickguard since. Last year after I had Nicole change out the bridge I had her install the LR Baggs Anthem pickup system. This is one fantastic guitar! If it were this guitar I was choosing to stay with I'd keep the Ultrasound D100 amp to go with it.


These comments are great. For me, the only consideration I didn't mention was that playing at enough volume to break up a tube amp in my apartment building is frowned upon. Hence, the potential need for a pedal.


If it's only gear I currently own (and just for one year) then my sunburst Strat, because it can cover all the stuff my band plays. The amp would be the old Traynor YBA-1 Bassmaster head (45 years old and still dishin' out the tone). I assume I'm allowed the 1x12 (Eminence Wizard) cab that I use with it.

The pedal business would be simple if I had an amp with built-in reverb and trem — I'd just add the Carbon Copy. But the Traynor has nothing, so I'd need to leave the pedalboard at home and dig out the old standby, the Boss ME50 multi-fx. Not ideal, but it does the job. I need (ie. want) a Carr Rambler.


I'd just use what I have now---G3140 and a VOX AC 15 or a Fender Deluxe Reverb. Tuner pedal if I actually owned one. I'm a minimalist.

The one thing that I'd have to grab would be my Wurlitzer 140B. for only one guitar, it'd be my Guild D-35.



– Stubert

to play shadows stuff ?


My Peavey Rockingham and my Hot Rod.


Swart STR Tweed and SSLVO. I can pass on the pedal.


B16ified Road Worn tele, '68 Deluxe Reverb and trusty old Boss DM2 delay. Bulletproof, lightweight and plenty loud or quiet.


If I had to pick one guitar and one amp for one year, knowing that I could get my normal stuff back after that year is over, I'd pick my Squier telecaster and any Line 6 combo. Sure, not the best stuff in terms of quality, but the Line 6 amp will give you a good selection of usable tones that should keep you busy for a year, and a telecaster is, well.... a telecaster. Can't go wrong.


the guitar a jazzmaster…the amp an old tube vox….the pedal??..the gas pedal in my car to drive me to the nearest guitar shop so i could buy more guitars and amps!

one guitar?? that's too offensive to imagine


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