The Workbench



I remember family drives through Reno as a kid on our way to visit family in Colorado, and my dad pointing out all the people standing with blank expressions in front of slot machines, repetitively pulling the handles over and over. My dad commented that most of them would go home with less money than they came with, but that if they got jobs as Drill Press Operators, they could do the exact same thing and be guaranteed to make money every day.

– Parabar

I like your Dad. Sounds like something my Dad would have said.

The statement is more true today than ever. Everyone left machining for programming, even with CNC. I have two buddies that own machine shops in SoCal and they have a heck of a time finding and keeping good machinists.

My latest run of logo plates. Hard anodized aluminum plate with CNC logo, made by my buddy Al.


You can always find another motor. It's a lot like swapping pickups.

– wabash slim

I was aware of that. Still too many projects at the time and I needed a working press right away. So I purchased a new one.

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